Margaret Thatcher made it known that she would not meet the completely fabulous Meryl Streep to discuss the new film  where she is playing the part of her. Sources state that she is worried that the movie could give a bad image of her 11 years as the British Prime Minister. To be honest the title itself ‘The Iron Lady’ isn’t too flattering as she was entitled that nickname due to her tough demeanour. The always professional and precise Meryl wanted to be able to copy her accent and mannerisms and get to know her a little. The amazing Hollywood makeup artists have managed to  transform the elegant Meryl into the Iron Lady herself and she looks scarily like her!

Meryl was given a smack in the face by Maggie T’s entourage who said that she could only speak to ‘members of her inner circle’. Her friends that have seen snippets of the movie feel that it may be misrepresenting the controversial politician as it shows her to look at her past choices with sadness alongside the ghost of her dead husband Sir Denis Thatcher who many say she never recovered from. Cameron McCracken the movie is being made with ‘‘appropriate sensitivity’.

The film is directed by the Mama Mia director, Phyllida Lloyd and expectations are high for some good old British grit! The movie is apparently getting funding of £1,000,000 from the Film Council, but everything else is very hush hush which is making the 85 year old granny even more unsettled. Even the director, producer and writers are still top secret.

Well contrary to how old Maggie T herself may be feeling about the upcoming movie, Meryl said that ‘The prospect of exploring the swathe cut through history by this remarkable woman is a daunting and exciting challenge.’ We certainly agree with her as we can’t wait to see how this pivotal figure in British politics is going to be portrayed by everyone’s favorite leading lady.