When you play the online slot Aztec’s Treasure, you go looking for lost gold deep in the jungles of Mexico. And that’s pretty fun. But in real life, the nation of Mexico has somehow managed to lose an island that, if found, will guarantee them a a huge bounty of precious oil. The island was last seen on a map from the 1700s, off the Yucatan Peninsula. But since then it’s disappeared…and theories abound about what might have happened to it.

Because the island would extend Mexico’s oil claim deep into an area which would otherwise be claimed by the U.S., some have suggested that America bombed the little desert island in order to wipe it off the map. Others have more realistically theorized that the island never actually existed, and that the old map is wrong.

Whatever the case, this real life hunt for lost treasure will go on until it’s either found, or proven once and for all to have just been the fantasy of some drunk sea captain from the 1700s. But however it goes, you can still visit the Yucatan to find your own lost treasure just by joining Silver Oak and playing Aztec’s Treasure!

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