When writing this blog, we scour the globe internet for stories from the world of gambling that may be of interest to those who play here at Silver Oak Online Casino. But in all that scouring, this has to be the first time that we find a story that’s both interesting and relevant, in the pages of the “Faith and Reason” section in USA Today. But there’s a first time for everything…including, as it turns out, a first time for a poker-playing priest to be taking on both celebrities and poker pro Daniel Negreanu for a shot at a one million dollar poker pot.

According to the story, he’s Father Andrew Trapp, and he’s an assistant pastor at St. Michael Catholic Church in Garden City Beach, South Carolina. And he’s just one of the contestants on yet another poker reality TV show. And yes, there have been a lot of poker reality shows to appear on the tube, only to disappear in an underwhelming fizzle of low ratings, but this one might just be different.

It’s called PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge, and there’s a few wrinkles that might help the show actually attract some viewers. First of all, to qualify for the show you have to be good at poker, and have some viewer appeal. Those who place in one of the qualifying rounds of online poker aren’t automatically given a seat on the show. Instead, they have to submit a video audition, which is judged based on personality and an interesting back-story…like being a poker-playing priest for instance.

Now that Father Trapp has qualified, he’ll play in multiple rounds of poker, including one against celebrities like Super Bowl champ Jerome Bettis and former Playmate of the year, Jayde Nicole. Eventually, if all goes well for him, he’ll sit down for a game with a grand prize of $1 million bucks.

The first episode airs Sunday on Fox in North America, so you can tune in then to see if Father Trapp throws the keys to his church in the pot when he gets desperate. Or, even more intriguingly, to see if he gets paired in a heads-up match against a former Playboy Playmate. It could make for some interesting table banter.

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