There’s a magician in this video poker game, which is cool. Especially because it’s not David Blaine, and because this magician helps you win even more money. Mystery Bonus Poker is a pretty straight up example of the genre, except that before every hand is dealt, the magician pulls one of the hands out of his hat, be it a flush, two pairs, a full house or whatever. And if you happen to hit that hand you get an extra big payout. It mixes the game up nicely, and can even change your strategy about which cards to hold and which to discard.

The other nice thing about this game is the multi-hand option. It’s now available on a bunch of our video poker games, and it’s super exciting and fun. On this particular machine, you can play up to 100 hands each time…so that means that after you hold your cards, you get up to 100 shots at nailing those big hands. If you’ve never been dealt a Royal Flush, and really, really want to see one, this is a good way to increase your chances. They’re still elusive, of course, but you stand a way better chance when you’re playing multi-hand.

Of course you can also play Mystery Bonus Poker just like mama used to, one hand at a time. I personally tried it out every possible way, but I kept going back to the 100 hand multi-play. I guess I just like my action fast and gnarly. Play Mystery Bonus Poker now.

Peter Alexander

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