If you’re here, chances are pretty good you love to gamble. So if you happen to be someone who also likes NASCAR, you better book your trip to Las Vegas ASAP. It was just announced that NASCAR will be racing down the Las Vegas Strip. Okay, maybe it won’t be an official “race”… but the ten top drivers on the circuit will be doing a nice fast cruise down the boulevard as part of the festivities around their annual dinner and awards ceremony.

The event will be happening on December 5th. I’m telling you about it now to give you lots of advance notice so you can book your trip early… or so you can be absolutely sure you don’t go anywhere near the place on that weekend. Hey, not everybody loves the stink and speed of cars driving really fast. Some people would prefer their visit to Vegas to be heavy on the cocktails and slot machines, and easy on the auto racing.

Oh and speaking of both racing and slots, did you know that we have an online slot machine that features both fast cars AND one of the coolest bonus features around? It’s called Green Light and you can play it right now in our online casino. That is, you can play it if you’re already a member at Silver Oak. If you’re not, it only takes a second to download our free software and get started. Just hit the blue button and that Green Light will only be moments away.

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Peter Alexander

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