They’re the worst of the worst, a rogue’s gallery of cheats and scammers that have been barred from setting foot in any casino in Nevada. They’re the people in the Nevada Gaming Commission’s infamous “Black Book” and their numbers just increased by one. Michael McNeive just became the thirty sixth name on the list after he was caught with “cheating devices” one too many times.

Getting in the book is serious business. These aren’t just card counters or petty thieves. These guys (and, in one case, girls) are banned for life, and they can be thrown in jail just for setting foot in a Nevada casino. In face, if a casino knowingly lets them on the premises, the casino itself can get in trouble with the law. In most cases, they have links to organized crime, or a long history of getting busted for cheating casinos and sportsbooks out of huge sums of money.

This being the information age, you can see everyone in the book right here, and even find out what crimes they committed to get listed. You should check it out, if only to see if your name happens to be on there. ; )

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