Michael Jackson has a lot on his plate, from a fifty show residency in London, to initial work on a new album. So with all that going on, why not make plans to open a new casino in Las Vegas with an outright insane theme? It seems his love of zombies has lasted since the Thriller days, and he’s decided that what Las Vegas gamblers really want is to play in a casino where the dealers and cocktail waitresses are slow-moving, smelly and undead.

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Of course desperate times call for desperate measures. And the King of Pop is certainly that. Reports state that he’s somewhere in the vicinity of $100 million USD in debt. He’s going to make a mint off the London concerts (if he’s healthy/sane enough to perform) but when your VISA bill is in the nine figures, maybe it makes sense to look for unique ways to make money.

I wish him luck and, to be honest, if they do build a zombie-themed casino by the next time I’m in Vegas, I’ll definitely visit the Hard Rot Casino. But if they host an erotic show with zombie showgirls, I’ll probably give that a miss.

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