I think it is about time to reconcile the online poker and the online casino industries. Before all the issues with legislation started the online gambling industry was thought of as one entity. The separation between online casino and online poker sites started when, in hope of avoiding the legislative hazzards, the online poker industry began arguing that poker is a game of skill.

As a result of that argument, online casino games were placed on the other side of the spectrum and were declared luck or chance games. Both arguments are entirely true (even though there are some casino games like blackjack in which strategy counts, most online casino games are ruled by chance) but the sad thing is that this turned both type of online gaming into rivals.

When I say rivals I do not mean enemies, but what I mean is that there was a separation between online casinos and online poker and they became two separate industries. Very often you will find articles explaining the benefits of online gaming, but one that they forget to mentions is that the online gaming industry offers both, skill and luck games.

Whereas some players may prefer to play online poker, some others might also like to play online casino games and alternate between the two. This is not a matter of choosing one over the other or that they are competing because they are two different things. The only situation which gave us that idea was the declaration of poker a skill game which was separate from all casino games as they did not fit that category.

In my opinion none of them is better than the other and it just a matter of preference. Both industries should be reconciled as this would bring a lot of benefits in terms of advertising and software development. Do you agree? Or do you think there is a difference between the two of them? Let me know by posting a comment below.