Global marketing research firm AC Nielsen recently did a research which shows that online gambling has been growing quite quickly in the United Kingdom. The company has classified online gambling as the fastest growing hobby in the United Kingdom at the time.

The growth that online gambling showed in the UK is of 40% in the last twelve months, this means that online casinos in the area have signed up 3.2 million new British gamblers in the past year. When you compare this to Facebook, which has “only” seen an extra 2.2 million users sign up in the past twelve months, you realize how serious online gambling has become for the British audience.

The study also showed that the most popular online gambling activity is poker with some sites having extended their databases by 360% last year. Following poker are online casinos and players have reported that the reason to like them so much is because it is so much more comfortable to gamble from home.

It was reported that almost 50% of all online gamblers in the UK earn more than €36.092 and that 46% of online gamblers in the area are female (which could explain the addition of “female-friendly” features in a lot of casinos during the last few months.

“Online gambling has always been extremely popular among people older than 65 and in lower class society. Nevertheless, that profile is changing due to the economic downturn.” said Neil Beston, communications director at Nielsen.

Whereas that argument may be very debatable, we are happy to hear that online gambling is reaching all parts of the world. We have seen a lot of progress in online gaming legislation over the past couple of months and we hope that as the world sees how much people can enjoy online gaming the legalization of the activity everywhere will come soon.