There was Jim Carey, White stripes singer Jack White, then a  failed marriage to Kenny Chesney and now Bradley Cooper. Why can’t Renee Zellweger seem to keep a man?

Renee put on a brave face when she left Le Pain Quotidie today

Renee who has just split from Hangover actor Bradley after a year and a half, was seen testing her acting skills today as she smiled whilst she ate at trendy cafe Le Pain Quotidie completely alone. She went on to have a leisurely afternoon rummaging through book store Crawford Doyle.

It seems that Renee who has had her fair share of high profile breakups may be dealing with the split better than Bradley. The 36 year old actor was seen arriving back to LA from New York last night looking forlorn and lonesome. Bradley had previously told Entertainment Tonight how much he felt for the Bridget Jones actress, ‘I can’t say enough about her… I just love her. I love coming to work. I love acting with her. I can learn so much from her’.

The pair are yet to confirm the split themselves, however many other sources have stated that they have in fact gone their separate ways. A rift first started to show in the relationship last month when they did not spend very much time together at the pre Oscars party.

Rumours of a split first surfaced in February when they both attended a pre-Oscar party but did spend much time with each other at all.

One reason for the breakup may have been because of Bradley’s intense promotional campaign for his new movie, Limitless in which he plays his first leading role. The movie tells the story of the invention of a pill that can turn someone into a genius.

The relationship between Renee and Bradley has been extremely private and neither one of them has spoken publicly about it. They met on the set of horror flick Case 39 but sparks didn’t exactly fly as both of them went on to marry other people. Six years later they became an item and Renee is said to also be very close to Bradley’s family. She even dropped out of presenting at the Golden Globes when his father died

Who will be next in Renee’s line of high profile boyfriends? We think that at 41 years old, the Chicago star probably wants to settle down for good as she really is a family girl at heart. A source said that she had been hoping that Bradley would be the one, ‘she’s desperate to become a mom. She’d love to have a baby with Bradley’.