I’m not saying that partying and gambling in Las Vegas isn’t fun. But between the 105 degree summer heat, and some recent reports about nightspots getting shut down, I’d have to say that staying home to play in an online casino might be a whole lot safer, more comfortable and a lot more hygienic.

It seems that two of the big party spots at the Planet Hollywood, Prive and The Living Room, are about to be shut down by the authorities. The specific violations are still a bit of a mystery, but allegedly they may involve a range of things, from underage drinking, to drugs, to various lewd acts taking place in shadowy corners of the clubs.

Another particularly juicy, and gross, rumor says that two recent Vegas swimming pool parties had to be shut down so the pools could be drained and refilled, to get the water back up to minimum safety standards. I don’t really want to think about what exactly was happening in those pools to make them too filthy for human recreation, but it does make you wonder. And, like I said earlier, it does make you think you’d be better off saving your Vegas vacation money, and playing your favorite games right from the comfort of your own home.

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Peter Alexander

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