If you are new to online gaming your main concern is probably security. There are so many stories about scams carried out over the internet and of identity theft that it makes perfect sense for someone to be scared to give their private information to a random website. Luckily for online gamblers there is an easy way to know if an online casino is safe and that is to check if they are certified by independent expert organizations.

Most online casino websites have a “Privacy and Security” or “About Us” section in which they describe the security measures that the casino implements in order to protect the players’ data. However, online casinos know that players are not willing to just take their word for it and they will try to get certified.

If an online casino is certified they will display the logo of the company and mention it on the website. The most popular and reputable companies that certify online casinos for being safe environments are eCOGRA, Technical Systems Testings and VeriSign. In this article we will discuss the main device that these companies require casinos to have in order to award them with a certification. Usually, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification is at the core of online gaming security because it is the mechanisms that encrypts the information that travels the internet on financial transactions.

The way it works is that when you log into your favorite online casino your browser request the casino’s web server to identify itself. This is when the server sends the browser a copy of its security certificate and the browser confirms this in order to proceed. Once this is done an encryption channel is set up and it has a public key and a private key; the public key is used to encrypt information and the private key is used to decipher it. Through this channel the player and the online casino can exchange information such as credit card details and payment instructions without third parties accessing it.

So make sure you check that your favorite online casino is certified by a reliable independent expert company and you will not have any problems in your gaming.