You know how the song goes: things just keep getting better, better all the time. This is especially true with playing slots games online. As online casino operators, the great thing about the digital framework is how rapidly things change. Improvements roll out at a consistent rate to keep players happy, and in 2013 there’s been some great improvements that have been made to our slots experience. Bonus codes, new games, and a close-knit community of excited players.

We are halfway through this year, so don’t you think it’s time that you took full control of your slots experience? It’s time for things to start getting better.

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New Online Slots Games in 2013

Are you looking for new slots games in 2013?

Silver Oak Casino is running on the Real Time Gaming (RTG) software, which is the game software that is trusted many of the industry’s other big names. The reason for this is that they allow casino operators a lot of flexibility and the ability to adjust payouts and many other things. Slots games are rolled out with software updates regularly, and Silver Oak occupies the time inbetween by tweaking payouts so as to maintain a novel play experience. If something is working, then we’ll leave it alone. If no one is playing certain games then we endeavor to make them more fun.

This is all to say that every day is kind of like a new game here at Silver Oak Casino, and when you throw our constantly refreshing updates on top of that, no two games are ever really the same unless you want them to be.

New USA Game: Dream Run

Dream Run is new in the sense that it’s recently been retooled and optimized for play by Americans. So, a USA online casino such as Silver Oak would be a perfect place to throw a deposit down and give this new game a (literal) spin. Check out the Dream Run bonus codes too.

“Give me Free Spins and Slots No-deposit Bonus Codes!”

It’s time for bonus rounds and free games—more than it has ever been time for them ever before. To cash in on all this new excitement, the first thing that you should be aware of is that promotional offers surrounding slots have gotten even more lucrative. We’re not just providing you with bonus opportunities, we are doling out some serious cash. How does $10,000 sound? You get that just for reading this paragraph.

Read on to reap more rewards for your next slots game. We have some free spin codes and some no-deposit codes below just waiting to be used. Plug them into a new slots game in 2013 and see if you don’t win enough to cover your taxes for the 2013 calendar year. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Give Me Free Spin Codes!

Sure thing, partner! Try this one on for size for Loch Ness Loot:

Bonus coupon: LOOT25

Give Me No-deposit Codes!

Sure thing, friend. Try this no-deposit option:
Bonus coupon: SILVER50


Simon is an overactive gambler and the Staff Writer here at Silver Oak. He loves casino bonuses, online slots, and using the em dash too often. Currently, he rests his typing hands in Vancouver, Canada.