In this article I will try to address the issues that can arise when players decide to play their turn in online slot tournaments. Online slot tournament usually follow a leader board type of format so the designated number of highest scorers share the prize pool in the end. Players often think that they should play their turn in slots tournaments as late as possible.

By playing late players are able to have a target in mind and determine the level of aggressiveness they should use when wagering. However, there are certain issues that come with picking a target that players should understand.

The first thing to point out is that you do not need to have the highest score because the prize pool is shared by a number of players. Therefore, the decision that the player needs to male is which position in the leader board they are going after, whether you need $25,000 to beat the current leader or $2,000 to enter the top 20 players that will make it to the money.

Once play slot tournaments make this decision much simpler because in this tournament structure the player pays the fee and gets one shot only. The score accumulated at the end of the designated time is the final score. If you are playing one of this you need to consider your risk averseness. If you are more of a conservative player you should aim at making the top 20 that will share the prize pool, even if it is in the 20th position in which you stand to win a small percentage of the prize pool but it is more realistic to think that this will allow you to make it to the money.

However, if you are a more aggressive player and like to go for all or nothing you might want to set your target to beat the current leader of the tournament. In this instance, you must be aware that the chances of you reaching your target are a lot slimmer than those of you busting out with nothing.

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Tomorrow, I will talk about how to set your targets in re-buy slot tournaments which is a more complex process. Hope you are all having a great Friday!