Spoiler Alert: Melissa wins the Bachelor. Molly is out! Shocker: Jason dumps Melissa and loves Molly!

So we are live blogging the Bachelor finale tonight. I’ve got my white wine spritzer here and I’m going to be live blogging the finale of the Bachelor. Stay tuned here for constant updates.

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Live Updates:

  1. Melissa is meeting the family. Jason’s Dad asked a stupid question: “What do you think of Tye?” – What exactly do you think she is going say? Seriously!
  2. Deanne apparently scammed all of Jason’s family and now Melissa is getting the heat for it.
  3. Jason has never seen Tye the way he is with Melissa. Big statement!
  4. Jason’s Dad think Melissa is incredible…another big statement.
  5. Melissa Quote: “I could fit in your world”.
  6. Jason Quote: “I am falling Love with Melissa”.
  7. Commercial break: Molly is up next [8:22PM EST]
  8. Molly meets Tye – but she hasn’t had much time with kids and needs reassurance. Strike one (maybe I’m wrong).
  9. Tye does not appear to like Molly. He liked Melissa. What does that tell ya?
  10. Tye warms up to Molly after a little bit. Flying a kite on the beach. Seems like there might be a bit of chemistry there for the three of them.
  11. Observation: Molly looks old. Not that I don’t like her! Seriously.
  12. Jason seems torn between Molly and Melissa. Now it’s time to meet the family.
  13. Molly meets the family. Let’s get to it!
  14. Molly meets the family and they are quizzing her on meeting Tye first thing.
  15. Jason’s mom asks her what she thinks and her family thinks about being a Step Mother. Apparently everyone is excited for it.
  16. Molly: “I am in Love with Jason” in front of the whole family.
  17. Jason’s brother: “Are you ready to be in the house with Tye and Jason”.
  18. Molly admits she was a party girl but is over it.
  19. Jason’s Dad likes Molly. “Not what she said but how she said it”.
  20. Looks like Molly is winning points with Jason’s family. Is she getting more airtime than Melissa? Not sure.
  21. Here comes the Drama! Deanna is on the way and the shocking ending without an audience. Hmmm what is it?
  22. Molly will move to rainy Seatlle – same as Melissa.
  23. Jason’s brothers and sisters are pushing for Molly: “She loves you, it’s obvious”.
  24. Melissa finally talked to her parents. About time!
  25. Time for some pillow talk between Jason and Melissa.
  26. Jason – “I’ve never felt this way either” to Melissa but Jason still hasn’t made up his mind.
  27. Molly and Jason have their last date in Seattle. Rainy and cold, apparently Molly is taking things into her own hands. Haha literally?
  28. Molly is giving Jason a massage in a bikini. Looks like she’s playing for keeps here.
  29. Awwwwh. Molly made a little book for Jason. “A fairytale love story” to the “Love of her life”.
  30. She really did make a memory book throughout the whole show. She kept everything from day one.
  31. Here comes Deanna “The Snake” Pappas! After this commercial break…now things are getting good.
  32. The question is: Is the ending of The Bachelor fabricated or real?
  33. We’re back from the commercial break.
  34. Jason is on the phone with Melissa’s Mom and Dad. What is their deal? They had a nice call but no details.
  35. Here is Deanna! She is walking up to the house now.
  36. Jason’s first reaction: “What are you doing here?” Hahaha awesome.
  37. Deanna: “I chose the wildcard. If I would have chosen you it would have worked”.
  38. She wants him back and just made the pitch. She got turned down. I think – hmmm I’m a bit confused.
  39. Do we really need to see Jason and Tye reunited 546 times in one episode? Seriously.
  40. Molly says she isn’t emotional but she just showed him a memory book. That’s emotional isn’t it?
  41. Jason is picking out engagement rings.
  42. Waiting for Jason’s little crying session they’ve been showing in the previews. The lead up is way too long though Jason is repeating himself over and over.
  43. Jason feels bad even before the ceremony. Suck it up, it’s not a bad decision to have to make!
  44. Melissa is terrified and on the way to the Final Rose ceremony. Wow cue the dramatic music.
  45. The question is: What is the shocking bachelor finale twist?
  46. Bachelor hint: Whichever girl comes out first is the Girl he will not pick!
  47. Molly is first out. Is she getting dumped???
  48. I think Molly is out. Jason is looking busted up.
  49. Molly: “This has been an amazing journey”.
  50. Jason: “Absolutely stunning and amazing. I don’t know I could ever let you go.”
  51. Melissa wins The Bachelor. Molly just got dumped and she’s a bit confused.
  52. Molly: “I think you’ve made a mistake. A big one.”
  53. Molly: “You deserve someone really great.”
  54. Jason is walking her out now. When do the waterworks start?
  55. Jason puts Molly in the Limo and sends her on the way. If Jason dumps Melissa for Molly later then they are great actors and a bit douchey.
  56. Now Jason is crying. Poor Jason! Hugs all around.
  57. Molly is in a state of shock and getting mad in the limo: “He’s going to learn it the hard way”.
  58. Up next: Jason proposes to Melissa.
  59. Here comes Melissa. Nice dress too, she looks amazing.
  60. Jason: “I’m going to be the happiest guy in the entire world”.
  61. Melissa looks terrified and very sute walking into the house and up to Jason.
  62. Melissa: “If Jason doesn’t pick me it’ll be devastating”.
  63. Jason: “I came into this looking for someone exactly like you.”
  64. Melissa jumps up and down like a goof. Nerdy but adorable, Melissa really is a doll.
  65. Jason proposes to Melissa and SHOCKER – she says yes!
  66. Very cute girl. Like I said nerdy and not graceful but cute.
  67. What is the shocker? A couple of theories: Molly is pregnant with Jason’s baby from the tent night. Jason dumps Melissa for Molly. What is it???

The Bachelor – After the Final Rose

  1. The shocker is about to be revealed. Something is wrong for sure.
  2. I am sure Jason dumped Melissa. Here it comes.
  3. Jason is not right for Melissa! He dumped her!
  4. Apparently Jason has not talked to Molly since the Rose Ceremony. Jason is a bit of a douchebag.
  5. Jason is dumping Melissa LIVE ON NATIONAL TV! Wow. Seriously guy.
  6. Jason needs a timeout. Is this guy for real? The girls don’t know.
  7. Jason is about to dump Melissa. Jason was mad at Deanna for saying no, Jason should be watching out, these girls are going to be MAD.
  8. Melissa is going to be the next Bachelorette? Maybe?
  9. Jason is breaking the breakup news to Melissa right now.
  10. Jason: “The chemistry started changing.”
  11. Jason: “We’re not right for each other.”
  12. Melissa is MAD.
  13. Melissa: “You have yet to be honest”.
  14. Jason: “I do still have feelings for Molly.”
  15. Melissa: “You chose Melissa but you do not want to fight for Melissa.” You go girl!
  16. Jason is so full of sh*t!
  17. Melissa: “You’re such a bastard”
  18. Melissa: “I wish you would have just let me go.” Good point Melissa. Good Point.
  19. The question is: Why would Jason break up with her on TV. It could have been done privately but ABC execs probably wouldn’t let that happen.
  20. Is it possible that Jason is a sociopath?
  21. Melissa is now officially pissed and scolding Jason now. Good for her.
  22. Jason just tried to walk Melissa out. Haha nice try.
  23. Melissa: “He didn’t want to fight or try”.
  24. Melissa: “I’m not angry I’m hurt.”
  25. Melissa: “I put up the wall of being angry so he couldn’t see how hurt I am.”
  26. Melissa: “I get the silver lining it’s just hard to see it.”
  27. Melissa, there’s nothing wrong with you! Trust me. You’re fine, he’s an idiot.
  28. Question: Will Molly recognize that Jason is a total idiot? Watch out for him, you don’t want to be the next Melissa.
  29. Jason is a complete tool. Crying again? You did it buddy boy and you’re very confused.
  30. Molly has not seen or heard any of this. What will Molly do? What should Molly do? Do not take him back!

Molly Arrives on the set of After The Final Rose

  1. Why are we reviewing what we just saw on the finale?
  2. Jason Mesnick must have set a record for the number of times caught bawling on National TV. Where are your cubes man?
  3. Chris: “Are there still feelings there?” Molly: “Yes.”
  4. Molly: “Those kinda of feelings don’t just disappear.”
  5. What is the one thing you want to ask Jason? Molly: “He had to have known and I need closure. There was something there but greater with Melissa so I can start moving on with my life.”
  6. This is starting to feel like an ABC setup. Seriously, it’s all just working out nicely.
  7. Here comes Jason to see Molly for the first time.
  8. Molly: “When did you know. Coming off of an incredible date the night before.” Guess they got it on.
  9. Jason: “I didn’t. I remember falling to my knees and I have never cried like that in my life.” Yes you did Jason. Every 34 seconds in the past three hours you are bawling like a baby.
  10. Jason: “I haven’t stopped thinking about you.” Molly looks slightly confused and maybe a little annoyed.
  11. Molly. Do you really want to be with this guy? Seriously?
  12. Jason: “Can we go for a coffee or a drink sometime?” Hahaha. Wow.
  13. Chris: “Are you still in Love with Molly?”. Jason: “Yeah.”
  14. Molly laughs somewhere between nervous, excited and is this douchebag for real? Not sure exactly which.
  15. Molly. He is going to do the same to you!
  16. Molly: “I’m very confused. I think we have alot to talk about but my feelings never went away. We can see where things go.”
  17. Molly sounds like a valley girl. Oh my god.
  18. Molly: “I’m blown away right now. I need to have a better understanding of why that happened but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy about it.”
  19. Molly is all over him like a wet shirt. Stay classy San Diego!
  20. Jason can sling a line. That’s for sure hey what time is it? Who is Jason in Love with now??

Well that does it for this season of the Bachelor. The rumors were right all along and Jason picked Molly after a few weeks of fun with Melissa. Poor Melissa!

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