Yesterday I talked about the online casino games that have great odds for players who want to make the most out of their bankrolls. Today, I will mention some of the games which have terrible odds and that you should stay away from.
1. American Roulette. This game has terrible odds because, unlike European Roulette, it comes with two zeros. This limits your chances of winning as it is less likely that you will hit any particular number and it makes the house edge a high 5.26%.
2. Progressive Jackpots. The house edge for progressive jackpots varies according to the rules of each casino, but most of the time the house edge is very high. The payout percentages for progressives are even lower than the non-jackpot equivalents.
3. Keno. Keno is probably the worst games for players who seek a return for their money. The house edge in keno is between 25% and 35%. If you play keno, be aware that this should be done purely for fun.
4. Scratch Cards. The functionality of scratch cards are pretty similar to that of a progressive jackpot. You could hit the big the big prize in one game and make lots of money, but the chances of this happening are terribly slim. Even though there is no entirely accurate way to compute the house edge for scratch cards, empiric testing has proven that there is not a lot of money in this game.
5. Side Bets. In Blackjack there is the possibility to opt for side bets. My recommendation is that you stay away from those ALL THE TIME. As I said in the last post, Blackjack is a game with great odds but the side bets have terrible odds and will almost never bring any returns of your money.

These are the five games that gamblers who want to look after their bankroll should stay away from as they do not offer great returns. I hope this helped clarify the topic a bit and please start suggesting topics for next week right now!

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