If you ask a scientist, they’ll most likely tell you that luck doesn’t exist. They’ll say that so-called good luck and bad luck are illusions and that it all evens out at the end of the day. Now, I think that’s all a bunch of b.s., personally. In my experience, some people were born lucky and some people should probably just spend their life locked away at home where it’s safe. Anyway, I was thinking about it this morning, so I decided to Google in search of the luckiest person in the world. And that’s when I found the true story of Frano Selak.

By his count he’s come very close to death eight times. And these aren’t boring near-deaths. He has nearly bit it in all kinds of spectacular ways. His car was run off the road and over a huge cliff by an armored car, a train he was in plunged into an icy river, a bus he was riding in drove off a bridge into yet another icy river. His best escape, though, was when he took the first (and last) plane trip of his life. The aircraft he was in hit the top of a mountain, causing the rear door to open, and sending our hero tumbling out. He plunged almost 3,000 feet to the ground, where his life was saved by landing on a mound of hay.

At this point you’d be right to think he actually sounds like the unluckiest man in the world. But after all his death-defying escapes, he still had one trick up his sleeve. Soon after retiring from his job, he bought a lottery ticket and won a million bucks. He also went on to star in a Dorito’s commercial about his crazy life, but I’m not sure if that qualifies as good or bad luck.

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Peter Alexander

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