Despite a lot of hype, most of the action on Twitter is tame. It’s pretty lean on good stuff, and heavy on the updates from friends about what they’re eating for dinner (pizza), watching on TV (Deal or No Deal), or viewing via a pirated, unfinished copy of the DVD (Wolverine). What about the Universe? An astronaut who is about to ride the space shuttle into space, plans to send tweets once they launch and he gets Outta This World.

In fact, astronaut Mike Massimino (or as he’s called on Twitter, Astro_Mike) has already been tweeting from space camp. Of course this has caught the attention of lots of Star Trek fans and other lovers of science and space, and it’s safe to say everyone will go into a frenzy once he sends his first update from orbit.

Don’t get me wrong, it all sounds very exciting. Until you realize what some of those tweets are actually going to look like:

Astro_Mike: Holy s&#! I’m in space!

Astro_Mike: Our Commander = dullsville. I wish Captain Kirk was driving.

Astro_Mike: I am so sick of astronaut ice cream.

Astro_Mike: It is *really* hard to pee in zero gravity.

Astro_Mike: Missed tonight’s episode of Deal or No Deal. Can someone TiVo it for me? thx

So maybe what goes on up there is better left to our imagination. And maybe it’s better to enjoy the space fantasy of little green men, lasers and blackholes by playing our online slot Outta This World.

Peter Alexander

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