As online gamblers we always want to know where our chances of winning are because obviously nobody likes to lose. That is why today I want to talk about video poker and its odds. Odds is a word we here all the time in online gambling and that we need to understand fully in order to ensure that we are playing properly. Odds is a synonym for probability and in online gambling we refer to the probability of a player getting hands in their favor.

Before playing any type of game you should be aware of what your chances are of winning. In poker what we need to look at are the chances for the poker hands. The odds in poker vary depending on whether there is a wild card or not and on whether you can have a pair be the winning hand or not. We estimate that about 1/3 of video poker games requires you to have two pairs or three of a kind to win and so the odds of these games do not favour the player at all.

In order to get two pair or three of a kind you might want to choose video poker games that come with a wild card. This is because without a wild card you are expecting to actually get three of the same card, which happens about 11% of the time in standard games. In video poker, for strategy purposes, you might want to stay with the games where the odds favor you more.

Tomorrow I will talk about what the specific odds are in video poker and how you should find your way around them. I will also discuss how good video poker is for those players more interested in making money than just the fun of the game.