There are lots of great reasons to go to Las Vegas. It’s sunny and hot, there’s a great casino or two on every block, hotel rooms are cheap and the nightlife rivals that of the biggest cities in the world. But, speaking of nightlife, there’s also a few reasons you might reconsider visiting the city of sin. Stuff like prostitution, drug-use, drinking to the point of hospitalization, fist fights and underage drinking. And that’s in the big, fancy nightclubs on the Strip.

As we all know, the city has long been a destination for people wanting to cut loose and go a little crazy. But a recent scandal has been brewing that indicates things are a little out of control in some of the most popular nightspots in the city. As discussed here a couple months ago, one of Vegas’ biggest party spots, Prive, was busted for a variety of lewd and unhygenic offences, and forced to pay a $500,000 fine to the city.

Since then, though, the city’s been cracking down a whole bunch of other clubs identified as being host to a variety of bad behavior. The Rio had to close its pool, due to suspected prostitution and drug-dealing. And the Hard Rock Hotel’s Rehab club was the site of eight arrests for similar activities.

And you know, that’s all well and good. But when they start dumping people who are passed out from drinking out into the casino, something else clubs have been accused of, that’s when things start getting dicey. Because not only is that extremely dangerous for the poor boozer, imagine yourself on a great run at a slot-machine, when all of a sudden a couple bouncers dump some passed-out college kid on the ground beside you. That’s the kind of thing that’s going to turn your luck around in a hurry.

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