Some of you could be wondering why we have not heard about a lot of online gambling legislation matters in the US Congress. The reason for this is that there are mid-term elections coming up in the US on November 2nd. This event is going to be extremely decisive in the future of online gambling in the country so I encourage all of you online gamblers lovers to go vote if you want to continue to play at your favorite casino in the upcoming years.

If the Republicans have a win in the elections, there are slim possibilities that online gambling regulation and legislation will move forward and the bills will be frozen in time. However, if the Democrats win there is hope that the online gambling legislation that has been undergoing a debate process will be pushed forward and enacted.

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has been at the front of pushing online gambling legislation ahead in the past years. They have released a list of the Congressional candidates participating in the elections that they think would have support for online gambling. We suggest that you take a look at the list and check the candidates’ campaigns and decide if you like them overall.

“This year’s election is critical to ensuring that candidates are elected who support the rights of poker players and who choose to take action to protect American consumers. PokerPAC is proud to endorse these candidates who have been advocates for poker players and this great game we all love.” said the PPA Chair and former Senator Alfonse D’amato and Congressman Toby Moffett in a joint statement.

The PPA list of Congressional Endorsement can be seen through this link.

Please check them out and vote for the one that fulfills your expectations. Do not forget to vote, it is your future and the country’s that you are helping determine!