Whenever you get a bonus at an online casino you are told that the money is not for keeps and that in order to withdraw your winnings you are supposed to meet certain wagering requirements. However, most players do not realize (as it is usually in fine print) that apart from the wagering requirements players there are a lot of other conditions to be met, for example the maximum value on the wager placed while the wager requirements are in place.

Sometimes there is a restriction in the amount of money you can wager in a slot machine until you meet all of the wagering requirements and release the bonus. So if the limit is $5 and you place a $8 wager on a slot machine then the $8 will not count towards the wagering requirement and the wagering requirement will stand exactly where it was before you placed the $8 wager. If you make any winning there is a chance that they will be voided and none of them will be credited to your account, so make sure you read the fine print carefully.

As mean as this condition may sound, it is a fairly necessary protectionist measure that online casinos need to take. For example if a player received a bonus of $200 and the wagering requirement was 15x the bonus, the total wagering requirement total would be $3,000. Without a wagering limit, the player could wager $200 in every spin and finish release the bonus in 15 spins. The casino would be in a tight losing situation and it is only fair to implement some measures so that gambling is a win-win situation for all parties.

Please share your thoughts with us on this issue, we would be delighted to hear your opinion and know how you are feeling about our current wagering requirements. You can post your thoughts as comments and I will be more than happy to read them and follow through with them.