The reason online gambling is better for you than beer pong is simple. You don’t drink from a cup which has had a disgusting and contaminated ball swirling around in it when you double down on your ten versus a dealer’s bust card or click “bet max” on your next slot spin. Well, maybe you do, but you aren’t obligated to from the very rules of the game at hand. In other words, beer pong is pretty filthy and a good way of picking up an STD that you certainly are better off without.

Statistics have shown a staggering increase in the rate of herpes amongst university students and it’s not just due to all their unprotected fornicating. It’s from beer pong. We kid you not*. If you want to contract something that will give you sores on your face, try sharing cups with a room full of generally untidy drunk 20-somethings.

As far as we know, nobody has ever contracted herpes from an online slot machine or a roulette table. Though we’re not sure the same can be said for craps tables in a brick n’ mortar casino, because people do tend to take liberties with those dice.


*While rumours have swirled for years regarding the increase in HSV-1 (the herpes virus responsible for cold sores) in college students due to beer pong, the truth is that the source of the rumour admitted the article he wrote on the topic was a hoax. But that’s not to say it doesnt still happen from sharing cups.

Peter Alexander

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