It is every online gamblers dream to at least once in their gambling life hit a progressive jackpot. I have personally dreamt of the moment when I jump with excitement as my eyes try to believe that I have won a massive amount of money after hitting the jackpot.

This dream recently came true for Mr.C from China while he played the Microgaming progressive jackpot online slot WowPot and won an odd amount of £4,444. However, to everyone’s disbelief Mr. C emailed customer support to tell them that he cannot accept such award.

I know, I was also shocked the first time I read it. The reason why Mr. C cannot accept such award is beacuse in Chinese numerology number 4 is pronounced in the same way as the word death and Mr. C believes that accepting the unusual figure of £4,444 could bring death and misfortune amongst his family.

Sometimes the Chinese culture can be very supersticious, had Mr. C won £8,888 he would have been more than fast to take the prize because in Chinese numerology the number 8 is pronounced in the same way as the word fortune.

On the other hand, Mr. C has stated that he does not wish to lose out on his winnings so he has tried to negotiate with the casino. “We’re still talking to the player and working out the best approach to handle this, which is sensitive to the player’s beliefs and concerns, but ensures that he does not lose out on his winnings.” said Terry Maverick, spokesman for the online casino.

One of the suggestions that has been given is that Mr. C takes the winnings in a different currency. However, it is quite unlikely that the final resolution of this issue will be of public domain. We wish Mr. C the best of luck and encourage our readers to keep playing at Silver Oak online casino and maybe eventually hit a big jackpot!