March Madness $10,000 Contest

Spring is almost here and our amazing casino promotions team has put together a great March casino bonus schedule for all of you. I’ll have to admit I don’t watch NCAA Basketball all that much but I always get into the March Madness tournament especially the Final Four, maybe that […]

Top 10 Gambling Books

Anyone interested in the worlds of betting and gambling should have at least a few of these books on their shelf: 10) The Greatest Gambling Stories Ever Told – A compilation of thirty one stories about gambling (duh) that range from the super funny to the super tense. 9) Bringing […]

Does Your Luck Depend on the Moon?

The other day I was talking to a fellow gambler, and he swore that he’d heard that people win more in casinos when it’s near a full moon. It’s almost a full moon right now so I thought I’d better get to the bottom of this, in case I was […]

Scratch Games, Multi-Hand Poker and Bingo, oh my!

While I’ve been busy watching reality TV, eating fries and kicking butt at FIFA on the XBOX 360, someone has gone and added some new cool new ways to game here at Silver Oak. If you can’t go grocery shopping without treating yourself to a scratch n’ win lotto ticket […]

Game Review – Paydirt!

I’ve been working my way through reviewing our five new slot machines to give you a little look at the ins and outs of each game. And up on today’s agenda is Paydirt! It’s gold-rushin’ fun, complete with banditos, asses (by that I mean burros, of course), gold nuggets and, […]

The World’s Luckiest Man

If you ask a scientist, they’ll most likely tell you that luck doesn’t exist. They’ll say that so-called good luck and bad luck are illusions and that it all evens out at the end of the day. Now, I think that’s all a bunch of b.s., personally. In my experience, […]

The Bachelor Finale – Live Blogging

Spoiler Alert: Melissa wins the Bachelor. Molly is out! Shocker: Jason dumps Melissa and loves Molly! So we are live blogging the Bachelor finale tonight. I’ve got my white wine spritzer here and I’m going to be live blogging the finale of the Bachelor. Stay tuned here for constant updates. […]

Friday the 13ths

Tomorrow should be a very, very good day for gambling. I would strongly recommend you buy a lottery ticket, play some video poker here, or do something risky like skydiving, because days this lucky don’t come along very often. And what makes it so lucky? Just look at a calendar. […]

Game Review – Happy Golden Ox of Happiness

The other day I was pretty sad about Mickey Rourke not winning an Academy Award, or making any of the “Best Dressed at the Oscars” lists. But instead of drowning my sorrows drinking vodka and watching “9 and a half Weeks” like I usually do, I hopped on over here […]

Oscars Challenge Winners

Our Oscars Challenge has come to a close, and we have a list of our winners posted for you below. For those of you who missed the promotion, Silver Oak was offering players the opportunity to guess who they thought would win the Oscar for the three major categories, Best […]

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