Things to Do While Your Online Slot is on Autoplay

Every time I go see a movie I start chucking popcorn at the person beside me after about ten minutes. I flip TV channels compulsively. I keep about 15 different browser windows open when I surf the net. And why do I do all this? Because I have the attention […]

Silver Oak New Player Bonus Code NEW777

It’s tough being new. The first day at a new school can be an intimidating and downright frightening experience. From watching the show Prison Break, it appears the first day in jail is no picnic either (who likes being called fish?). Since it’s never easy being new, how about some free money […]

Pai Gow Poker – Game Review

Do you like poker? Do you like to drink? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, and I know you did, then you must love Pai Gow Poker. And if you don’t already love it, you should start right now. As far as I’m concerned it […]

Top 10 TV Shows That Should Have Their Own Casinos

As you may have heard, but probably haven’t, plans are in place for a huge casino celebrating the classic TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies”. Really. But that got me to thinking…if they can do it for a moldy old show like that, why not make other TV show-themed casinos. Here’s […]

Las Vegas Urban Legends

Las Vegas is just one of those places where crazy stuff happens. If you just visit for a weekend, maybe you vomit on a bouncer, get married to Britney Spears or win $29,000,000 with one pull on a slot-machine. If you spend a little more time there you might wind […]

Gambling on the new season of The Bachelor

Twenty five love-starved women. One man. If you ask me, that sounds a bit like bowling – fun to do, not that exciting to watch. And yet clearly I’m in the minority, because the reality show The Bachelor is still going strong despite being on the air for 12 seasons, […]

Diamond Dozen – Game Review

The whole “put a ring (diamond) on it” thing terrifies most men, but this game is not about those kinds of diamonds. This game is about earning cash, diamonds and having fun. It is a romantic game, but there are no rules about engagements or promises. So rest assured and […]

Top 10 Weird Gambling Superstitions

Most of us have lucky numbers, own a good luck charm or two and would never go skydiving on a Friday the 13th. But over the years gamblers have come up with some truly odd superstitions. Here’s some of the weirdest: It’s good luck to wear an article of dirty […]

Celebrities Who Gamble

No, I’m not here to write about which celebrity likes to play Blackjack or bet on the horses. I want to talk about the celebrities who gamble with their fame, their health or even their lives. Watching the rise and inevitable fall of celebs is the biggest spectator sport since […]

Blackjack Strategy – Finding the Right Game, Part 1

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games going. One of the reasons I love playing it is because it blends luck and skill in a way that few games do. The basic strategy is pretty easy to master. But then you can hone your game by learning all […]

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