Aladdin’s Wishes – Game Review

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way. If you ever rub a lamp and have a Genie appear, here is the absolute best possible way to play it: Wish 1 – 1,000,000 more wishes, wish 2 – that you live long enough to use all 1,000,000 wishes. After […]

Top 10 Things to do in Vegas (besides gambling)

Apparently there are people who go to Las Vegas and never drop a single cent in a casino. To me, that’s kinda like avoiding potatoes on your trip to Idaho, or being the designated driver for Oktoberfest. But for those who need an hour or two away from the tables, […]

Prince of Sherwood – Game Review

The Prince of Sherwood online slot machine is, as the name implies, all about the legend of Robin Hood. Despite being famous for stealing from the rich to give to the poor, I can’t be the only one suspicious of that particular part of the legend. My thinking is that […]

Celebrity Predictions for 2009

With 2008 soon coming to a close, we’re on the eve of a new year of exciting celebrity gossip. It’s bound to be better than this last year’s snooze-fest – Britney got better, Lindsay settled down and Amy Winehouse somehow didn’t OD. Because I read entirely too much TMZ I […]

Triple 7 Inferno – Game Review

The first time I ever saw a real slot-machine was at Harrah’s at Lake Tahoe. I was 17 years old (don’t try this at home kids) and I was there with my parents. Because I was the gambling equivalent of jail-bait, my parents did the responsible thing – they said […]

Top 10 Ways to Pick Roulette Numbers

Roulette is a fun and exciting game that is notable for taking absolutely zero skill. You could close your eyes and randomly throw chips onto the table from across the room and still be playing right. That’s actually what I do, and if the chip happens to hit the dealer […]

Outta This World – Online Slot Game Review

So apparently we’re all supposed to get excited at the possibility there may be water on Mars. Because that means that maybe the 4th rock from the Sun might potentially have been home to a primitive form of bacteria or something a billion or two years ago. Excuse me for […]

Famous Gambling Superstitions

Two thieves were robbing an apartment in a high-rise. 1st thief: Oh! The police are here. Quick! Jump out of the window! 2nd thief: But this is the 13th floor. 1st thief: Hurry! This is no time for superstitions. Superstition, when it sets in, is a powerful force. It kicks logic and […]

Preparing for a trip to Vegas

There’s one great thing about this whole looming global recession thing – super cheap trips to Las Vegas. You can get there for about fifteen bucks, so I hope you’ve already booked your trip. If you have, you should prepare a little before you go. How? You can learn some […]

Holiday Casino Action vs. BCS Bowl Season

Like all true red-blooded American males, I like football. OK, ladies, I can already see you rolling your eyes, but give me a second. Football is first and foremost in my heart, except when we’re talking about the Holiday season. Sure I’ll watch football until I’m blue in the face, […]

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