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Since 1999 I’ve been saying I would happily pay for a service which lets me instantly stream the shows and movies I want to watch. While Netflix is exactly that it has created a new issue: trying to decide what to actually watch.

I’ve done Google searches myself for “the best movies on Netflix” or “what to watch on Netflix” and nothing has ever actually helped. Instead I found myself looking through lists of the “top 100 movies” or “top 100 shows of all time”, picking ones to watch, then hoping they were available on Netflix.

Since I can’t be alone in this struggle to choose something worth watching, I took those very same top 100 lists and made a flowchart with the titles actually available on Netflix. The lists I used came from here (along with some of my personal favorites injected in):




A final note: The availability of content on Netflix changes daily, and is dependant on your physical location. This flowchart was made based on the Netflix titles available in the US as of May 4th 2013.


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