How to Choose the Perfect Board Game

  • jeff almond

    You could have put in Empires and Generals in place of Cities and Knights… which is just an expansion of Catan.

    • Mike Brunson

      It’s not “just” and expansion of Catan, it’s a shockingly good expansion making the game worth playing. Also, I’ve never played Empires and Generals. Worth checking out?

    • Hounk

      Want to promote this obscure self-published game? However, you could have NOT.That was the punch line. You have to buy a second game, to play this.

      I especially like the idea, that you have to “have a Monty Python” fetish for digging “Shadows Over Camelot”.

  • James Warren

    what? less complexity—-Dominion? more complex 7 wonders?…a big mistake from chat i think

    • Matt Rock

      Yeah. Dominion has 10 non-base cards to deal with, and generally only a few points of interaction. 7 Wonders’ drafting and limited range mechanisms are more involved for those not intimately familiar with drafting from Magic and its ilk. While some combos from Dominion can become immensely convoluted, it’s generally a much easier game to grok.

  • Chan

    the grape is very good and nice, but if there is more coloring and indicator

  • shadghost

    Hi, I want to print this out on a poster and was wondering if you had a larger size better for printing?

    • SanerShade

      Yes! Is there a bigger size ?? Or can someone make it a bigger size?

  • Dan

    This is amazing! Thumbs up for a poster.

  • Sean

    Wonderful. ^^

  • hakoMike

    Arkham Horror and Warhammer are in the “Play for less than 2 hours” group? I must be really slow.

    • Sam Brown

      “Axis and Allies” has the “hardest rules ever”? Not even close. This person has never touched “World in Flames”, to say nothing of “Advanced Squad Leader” or “Starfleet Battles”.

      • DaveHJ

        Magic Realm. :)

      • Lars Clausen

        Exactly what my wife and I were saying to each other. A&A is a nice drinking game.

      • Shaun Phillips

        I was wondering why Diplomacy wasn’t in that slot.

        • bayonetbrant

          Diplomacy’s rules are incredibly easy. Being any good at it is incredibly hard.

          • Shaun Phillips

            True, but the whole cutting off support/bouncing moves can get confusing as hell.

    • Raederle Phoenix West

      Yeah, good point!!!

  • IsabellaB768

    this is great but one of my favorite board game is monopoly. It is a very cool game never get tired of playing it.

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  • Warstorm Trading

    I find it interesting that card games are included in board games.

    • Tanklin13

      Imagine there is a board that has a spot where each part goes (deck, discard, life totals, battlefield etc.) and tada board game :)

    • Raederle Phoenix West

      Basically, when we gamers say “board games” we mean a game that is played that is not a video game and not played with a standard deck of cards (like, it isn’t rummy, poker, pounce, go fish, etc).

  • RED

    Flow Chart.

  • Paopao

    I’ve been already playing Monopoly with my little Sister for 2 years. She’s 10 now and I’m 17. This thing is surely amazing! :))

  • Duder NME

    This chart is my God now. Kneel before chart! CHART!

  • pancakes

    They did the logic. Now someone needs to make an application out of it.

  • Daniel

    Trivial Pursuit is spelt wrong!

  • trombone0

    Sorry, I seem to have missed something. Where’s the Cones of Dunshire?

  • Luiz Miranda

    Sometimes it’s hard not being a native English speaker. Can someone please explain to me what they mean with “Do you secretly wish you were a dick (a P.I.)?”

    • Anj

      A P.I. is a private investigator, or a detective for hire. There is an old slang term that refers to a P.I. as a “private dick.” This predates, and has no relation to, the current slang referring to male anatomy.

    • John Harder

      In this context, ‘dick’ is slang for Private Investigator

  • Tim S.

    Monopoly: The game that ends friendships and wrecks relationships.


    • bayonetbrant

      “Monopoly: The game that ends friendships and wrecks relationships, just by asking if anyone wants to play!”
      FTFY ;)

      • Raederle Phoenix West

        Seriously. It makes me go, “Uhh… Well, let me introduce you to some real games.”

  • Sam C

    Of course people are going to disagree! (Including me).
    Great Flowchart.

  • bayonetbrant

    Anyone who thinks that Axis & Allies are “hardest rules ever” needs to broaden their horizons. Let’s put it this way: A&A is often used as a ‘gateway’ game into more serious wargaming, and considered a ‘light’ game among most wargamers.

  • Nicole

    As a know it all, I must inform you that you spelled “pursuit” wrong.

  • TechTinker11

    Carcassonne has pretty simple rules, though that can get confusing with the different versions, then adding in expansions. But one step at a time, just the base game, its pretty simple.

    • Raederle Phoenix West

      Agreed. It is one of the most simple games I ever play, honestly.

      • TechTinker11

        The whole path to it is weird, kids can play it too pretty easily, but I guess its not a “kids game” haha.

  • Raederle Phoenix West

    Awesome chart. Includes a lot of my least favorite games though. I’d love to make a chart like this including all the games I love best. I have a ranked & rated list on my website:

  • Raederle Phoenix West

    For the record, Smallworld is fairly portable. Examples of games that I consider not-so-portable: Starcraft the Board Game, Carcassone “Big Box”, Tikal… Just saying. But I mean, if you mean “pocket size portable”, then sure, I’d turn to Red 7, Citadels, Voice of Conscience, etc.

    • Utahraptor

      Smallworld has 10 billion teeny tiny parts that will definitely get lost anywhere besides the biggest dining room table! I can’t tell you how many 10 coins or ratmen I’ve lost under my couch.

      • Raederle Phoenix West

        That’s a fair point. I hadn’t looked at it that way. Usually I’m the board game party host. :)