How to Choose the Perfect Board Game

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  1. jeff almond says:

    You could have put in Empires and Generals in place of Cities and Knights… which is just an expansion of Catan.

  2. James Warren says:

    what? less complexity—-Dominion? more complex 7 wonders?…a big mistake from chat i think

    • Matt Rock says:

      Yeah. Dominion has 10 non-base cards to deal with, and generally only a few points of interaction. 7 Wonders’ drafting and limited range mechanisms are more involved for those not intimately familiar with drafting from Magic and its ilk. While some combos from Dominion can become immensely convoluted, it’s generally a much easier game to grok.

  3. Chan says:

    the grape is very good and nice, but if there is more coloring and indicator

  4. shadghost says:

    Hi, I want to print this out on a poster and was wondering if you had a larger size better for printing?

  5. Dan says:

    This is amazing! Thumbs up for a poster.

  6. hakoMike says:

    Arkham Horror and Warhammer are in the “Play for less than 2 hours” group? I must be really slow.

  7. IsabellaB768 says:

    this is great but one of my favorite board game is monopoly. It is a very cool game never get tired of playing it.

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  8. Warstorm Trading says:

    I find it interesting that card games are included in board games.

  9. Paopao says:

    I’ve been already playing Monopoly with my little Sister for 2 years. She’s 10 now and I’m 17. This thing is surely amazing! :))

  10. Duder NME says:

    This chart is my God now. Kneel before chart! CHART!

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