Online casinos offer players an infinite amount of deposit bonuses and promotions. As an online gambler, I can understand how overwhelming the offers can be as they all seem to sound really good. Today I would like to write about how an online gambler should go about deposit bonuses in order to pick the best ones and get the greatest value for their money.

Picking Good Deposit Bonuses

Players often believe that the higher the deposit bonus amount, the better. However, this principle is false as deposit bonuses should be picked in accordance to the stake level the player is at. Keep in mind that there really is no difference between a 50% match up to $100 and a 100% match up $200 as they are both giving you a 50% value on your deposit. For the first bonus you would be required to deposit $200 to get $100 in bonus money, and that is the same amount you would receive if you took the second bonus.

Another important thing to consider is what good is a 100% match up bonus up to $1,000 if you are only able to deposit $100 each time? You would never be able to take advantage of a bonus if you cannot meet the minimum deposit it requires. Therefore, the first thing to look for in a bonus is the deposit amount and ensure that you are able to afford the quantity. Some casinos specialize in high roller bonuses, but I am certain that you can find a place like Silver Oak Casino in which you can always find bonuses for different deposit amounts.

Tomorrow, I will continue to write about two more key things players should keep in mind when picking a deposit bonus. Be sure to come back to the blog to check on it and please share any suggestions you may have with us through the comments section.

More Casino Deposit Bonuses Tips

To continue with my article from yesterday I will talk some more about the things you have to look out for when you are trying to pick a good deposit bonus. The next thing you need to keep an eye open for is the wagering requirements. They can often annoy us online gamblers because we are required to wager the amount of our bonus a specific number of times before you can actually redeem the money. For some bonuses you are only required to wager the bonus amount, but for others you are required to wager the bonus plus the deposit amount.

For example, say you have received a 100%  match up to $100 bonus and the requirement is that the deposit amount plus the bonus need to be wagered 35 times. That means that you have to wager your $100, plus the $100 from the bonus 35 times. The total amount wagered will need to be 200 x 35= $7,000. Now, say you have received a 100% match up to $100 bonus which only requires you to wager the bonus 50 times. In this situation the amount that you are required to wager is the $100 of the bonus, making your total $5,000 to cash out the bonus. Even though it may sound tricky at first, it is easy to realize that you will benefit the most from the second bonus.

There are two types of bonuses, the sticky bonuses in which only the winnings made from the bonus can be redeemed and the cashable ones which allow players to cash out the full amount after the wagering requirements have been met. There is not a real difference between them because, even though the second type sounds better, those bonuses usually come with impossible wagering requirements and you end up winning more with the sticky ones.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and that a lot of great things are coming your way in 2011.