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Robert Davis

Robert is a freelance writer with a keen interest in the cryptocurrency market and the effects of digital disruption on traditional markets. He enjoys online gambling with cryptocurrency and writes articles about casinos for Silver Oak as a side gig. In his spare time, he tries to keep up with digital disruption in his household whenever he has to figure out how to set the time on all of his devices after a power outage.

Robert still has a VCR from the 80s with the time flashing 12:00, 12:00, 12:00, 24 hours per day. And he likes it that way.

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Richard Ainsworth

Richard is a Silver Oak staff writer with a strong background in creative writing. After graduating from UC Berkley, he decided to become a road scholar and backpack through various mosquito-ridden swamp towns in Asia. Believing in travel as the ultimate teacher for a writer, he traveled for 8 years around the world, picking up experience to fuel his career as a digital nomad. When he grew tired of malaria and dengue fever,

Richard settled down to the sedentary life of a writer. Richard enjoys gambling online in his spare time and has acquired enough blackjack skills to make him a formidable opponent.

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Anna Kravitz

Anna is a staff writer at Silver Oak casino who divides her time between writing and pursuing her hobby as an amateur photographer. When not doing research into the best casino game strategies, she tries to keep her kids still enough to take their portrait (she recommends duct tape).

Gambling is something Anna views as a basic human right and doesn’t understand all the fuss about casinos and gambling in general. She enjoys Texas Hold’em, blackjack, and craps.

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Jasmine Daly

Jasmine is a freelance writer for magazines, newspapers, and online casino websites. Her passion for writing has taken her all over America and Europe, and she has played cards in some of the most exotic casinos around the world, including Monte Carlo, Macau, Australia, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas.

After trying to keep her green thumb active around the gardens of her Las Vegas home, she decided it was much easier just let the lawn die, start a rock garden, and plant cacti to save the watering and mowing. It’s much more Zen that way, too.

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