How Online Casino Gambling Evolved in the 20th Century – Part I

Before the era of hardcore technology, online casino gaming was very primitive. The software that powered online casinos existed but it could not be downloaded from a website, instead, it has to be loaded on to each computer using the content on a floppy disk. Another downside to that type of software was that it could only be played for fun and not for real money.

A couple of years after, online casino gaming software providers noticed that there was profit to be made if they could create a type of software which allowed players to wager real money. The first software that they came up with had to be downloaded from the internet casino site and installed on the players’ computers. The games ran only against the house on a host of casino games which also allowed players to deposit and withdraw money.

The first problem detected on this software was that it was only compatible with PCs and not with Mac, Linux nor any other operating system. What this resulted on was the creation of the instant play Flash version software that also allowed players to use real money and was compatible with most operating systems.

Perhaps one of the greatest features in online casino software development is the Random Number Generator (RNG), which increased the speed of casino gambling and made it more honest. In the RNG beginnings a lot of people worried that casinos could set them up to increase their edge and some other players thought that casino gambling had to involve a human dealer spinning the wheel and dealing the cards.

Can anyone guess what these demands resulted in? I am sure some of you can and some of you are anxious to now, come back to the blog tomorrow to find out how online casino gaming software kept adapting to players’ needs and became what we know as online casino gambling today.