A genius craps strategy to help you win

If you’re a fan of Roulette, you know that there are smart strategies you can employ to win big and essentially hedge your bets. Instead of betting on even or odds, you could pair an even or odds bet with a column bet, or pair a column bet with the first/second/third batch of 12 numbers. With this method, you might come out even on a lot of bets, but you’ll likely lose less frequently. And when you do win, you’ll often win double.

This is one of the few table games where you can combine bets to be more successful, but it’s definitely not the only game in town that lets you do that.

At first glance, Craps seems really overwhelming. There’s so much going on that it’s tough to figure out where to bet. But the truth is that Craps is essentially like Roulette, except you’re rolling dice instead of spinning a number, and certain rules apply depending on where in the game you happen to be.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned Craps player, we’ve got an innovative craps strategy that’s worth trying out.

With this smart Craps strategy, you’re going to have three numbers working in your favor at every moment of the Craps game. Rather than relying on one bet or number, you’re relying on multiple bets that work in tandem to help you win.

The first thing you’re going to do is place a Pass Line bet. At the time tip, place single or double odds on that bet and place a Come Line bet wile doing the same thing.

When you win a Come Bet, place another one right away. You’re going to keep doing this until the shooter rolls a 7.

The reason this is effective is because each Come bet you make essentially protects that original Pass Line bet you made. If a shooter with a lucky hot streak keeps rolling the dice, you’ll profit from him or her big time.

IF you’re nervous about trying out this smart Craps strategy that could improve your odds, we don’t blame you. Pulling up to a Craps table and trying a strategy with a giant crowd around you could be intimidating, especially if you need to reference this post to remember what to bet.

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