Blackjack Strategies: Expert Tips for Novice Players

Blackjack is one of the few online casino games, where an ounce of strategy can make the difference between winning or losing. The better you understand the game, the more you’ll increase your odds of earning. Generally, the house has an advantage of two percent over the novice player. However, with some basic knowledge, these players can narrow that margin to only 0.5 percent.

Know the Basics
It is surprising the number of novice players who don’t know the basic rules of blackjack strategy.

  • The dealer’s first card is always the deciding factor for your next move. In general, if the dealer pulls a deuce through a six, you are at an advantage. If they pull a seven through an Ace, they have the advantage.
  • When your hand range from 12 to 16, and the dealer has a seven through an Ace, it is recommended to hit.
  • When your hand ranges from 12 to 16, but the dealer has a deuce through a six, the best strategy is to stand.
  • Always double down when your hand is an 11, and the dealer’s hand ranges between a deuce and ten.
  • When your hand ranges between a deuce and six, you should either double down (if you feel lucky) or hit.
  • There are two times when you should split a hand, when you have either two eights or two Aces.

Avoid the First-Base Chair
Novices get caught up in the fast pace action of blackjack. If you position yourself in the first-base seat (player who gets first turn), you may not have enough time to observe the dealer’s hand, your own hand, and follow the above strategies.

Never Play Insurance
Generally, it is best to refuse insurance under any circumstance. A common mistake of novices is to play insurance when the dealer turns up an Ace, as it gives them the option of at least breaking even. The problem is, the house has a six percent advantage over every player with an insurance bet.

Don’t Fall Pray to Another Players Vanity
There is always a big talker at every table. These are the kind of people that novices attach to, as they often claim to be an expert. However, don’t let other players influence your choices based on their “expert” intuition.