The thing they don’t focus on so much when describing the glamour and glory of Las Vegas is the heat. As we once again plow headfirst into the hottest months of the year, taking a leisurely stroll down the Strip is about to get a whole lot sweatier. Sure, all of Sin City’s casinos have air conditioners and roughly zero windows in order to keep players nice and comfortable no matter the time of year, but sometimes you just want to get outside and soak up the sun. Luckily, the big time casino developers are one step ahead of you, and they’ve got the perfect game for gamblers looking to test their luck while soaking up some rays.

Let’s set the scene. You’re outside by the pool, enjoying the weather and cooling off with a nice swim. After practicing your breaststroke, you get an unmistakable hankering to play a few games of blackjack. So, what’s a Vegas vacationer to do? Running up to the room and changing clothes takes a lot of effort, not to mention the fact that it puts a damper on your fun in the sun. In times like these, the only suitable option is to stay at one of the three Vegas casinos that offer swim-up blackjack – the only way to play without getting out of the pool.

Where to Find Swim-Up Blackjack

While there are plenty of casinos offering blackjack and craps tables poolside, the only way to really mix gaming with wet and wild fun is to head to one of the few places offering true swim-up blackjack tables. The first option is the originator. The Tropicana started the swim-up trend way back in the 1980s, and it’s safe to say that the innovative option has proven to be a hit amongst players. Caesars Palace has also incorporated blackjack tables in the shaded section of its Fortuna pool, which is located within the Garden of the Gods complex. In both cases, you can look forward to several swim-up blackjack games that come complete with plenty of attractive scenery to make things more interesting.

If you’d prefer to get off the Strip, the Hard Rock is the ideal choice for both in-water and poolside blackjack games. Just head to the Poolside Palapa at Nirvana to find blackjack games in progress right on the water’s edge. The way we see it, there’s no better way to beat the heat, enjoy the sunny skies and dance with Lady Luck than a little bit of swim-up blackjack. Judging by its growing presence at Las Vegas casinos, we’d say that Sin City visitors agree.

What to Expect

Right about now, you may be wondering about the differences between traditional blackjack games and in-pool tables. Luckily, there aren’t many. The first thing you’ll likely notice is that your dealer will probably be wearing a bikini or swimsuit. Nobody wants to work around the pool in normal clothes, right? The next thing you’ll notice is that minimum bets are usually a little higher than you’ll find on the casino floor. When playing a novelty game, this is to be expected, though.

Other differences between typical blackjack and swim-up blackjack include the presence of special dryers to dry out paper bills coming from nautical players and handy pouches in which to put chips after leaving the table. In general, swim-up blackjack offers the same great odds and favorable play experience that you’ll find on the casino floor, combined with a little fun in the sun. For those reasons, it’s definitely worth a try on your next trip to Nevada’s desert oasis.

A Dryer Experience

Let’s face it: not everyone likes to swim. Whether your doggy paddle isn’t up to snuff or you just prefer to keep two feet on dry land, there’s no reason to sacrifice on a few games of blackjack under the clouds. Grab your sunscreen and head to the pool, most of the casinos in Las Vegas offer at least a couple of poolside tables for a fresh take on the traditional casino atmosphere.

If swimming up to the tables doesn’t sound like your cup of tea for whatever reason, there are still options for taking your gaming experience outdoors. A variety of Vegas casinos, including Palms, Cosmopolitan, Golden Nugget, M Resort, Red Rock and Stratosphere deal blackjack poolside. Additionally, Flamingo offers both blackjack and craps near the waterfalls and tropical ambiance of its GO pool, and Mandalay Bay has a three-story, glass-fronted casino offering scenic views of its enormous pool complex that’s perfect if you’re planning on checking out a summer concert on the resort’s man-made beach. Be sure to check the schedule for these options before putting on your swim trunks. Many of the popular poolside gaming tables in Las Vegas are only offered at night or on weekends.

If you like the sound of blackjack in the pool, now’s a great time to book your flight. If a trip to Las Vegas isn’t in the cards, though, there are still ways to enjoy all of the blackjack action from an aquatic setting. All you’ll need is a water resistant device and the nearest swimming hole. Silver Oak offers a full selection of casino games, meaning that you’re summertime gaming in the water won’t be limited to blackjack any longer. Enjoy the sun while cashing in on huge deposit bonuses, and take this summer to brand new heights!

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