Hate losing streaks? Prefer back to back wins? Then you’re going to love the Paroli betting system. Designed to make sure you don’t bet too crazy, the whole idea behind Paroli is that wins come in streaks and so do losses. That means you can maximize your profits by increasing your bets during winning streaks and mitigate your losses during losing streaks.

But there’s more to the system than relying on streaks. Paroli makes sure that you aren’t betting over your head by controlling the number of units you’re betting. In a nutshell, you’ll never double your bet more than twice with Paroli. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bet big. It’s just that when you are betting big, you happen to be playing with the house’s money. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll start of betting a single unit. For the purpose of understanding the Paroli betting system, we’ll pretend we’re betting $1. But in reality, a single unit could be a $25 chip.
  2. If you lose that bet, you’ll bet just one unit again.
  3. If you lose again, you’ll bet the same. You’ll never increase the amount of money you win until your wager wins.
  4. If you do win, you’ll double your bet.
  5. However, regardless of another win, you’ll go back to betting just 1 unit.

So let’s see how this applies in the real world:

The lose three bets scenario
You bet $1. You lose. You’re now down $1. You bet a second time, just $1. You lose. You’re now down $2. You bet a third time, also just $1. You lose again. Hey, losing streaks happen. You’re now down $3. You’d go back to the beginning of that bet.

The lose two bets scenario
Now let’s look at a different outcome. You bet $1 and lose. And you do so a second time and lose. You’re now down $2. Now you bet another $1 on your third bet. That bet wins. You’re now only down $1. Not horrible.

The win in the middle scenario
Here’s where it gets interesting though. Let’s say you lose the first bet of $1. You bet another $1 and win. Now you’re even. Paroli now calls for you to double your bet. So now you’re betting $2. If you lose that, you’ll technically down $2. Why is this interesting? Well, you won the same number of bets as you did in the “lose two bets” scenario, except the location of the loss meant that you lost more money. This proves the fundamentals of the Paroli betting system. It’s not necessarily about how much you lose but when you lose it that counts. But this isn’t about losing. It’s about trying to win. So our next scenario is a big deal.

The lose-win-win scenario
Let’s say you lose $1 on your first bet. The Paroli betting system calls on you to double your bet. If you win, you’ll now be even. Then, you’ll be required to bet again. If you win that, you’ll be up $2.

The triple win scenario
We’ve talked about losing streaks, but now it’s time to examine a winning streak. This is where the fun happens. If you win all three bets, you’ll actually be ahead $7, assuming you’ve bet $1. That’s because your first win netted a $1 profit. Your second bet netted a $2 profit. And your third bet netted you a $4 profit, for a grand total of $7. Remember, that’s $7 assuming you’ve bet $1 to start. If you’re playing $25 a hand, you’ll be up $175.

Test Paroli out now
While the Paroli betting system only allows you to follow a 1,2,3 betting pattern, the magic happens when wins and losses are stacked together. By hitting the right streak at the right time with the right betting combination, you can make huge gains. And because you’ll never double your bet more than twice, you’ll mitigate the potential for massive losses. You can try out the Paroli betting system for free at Silver Oak Casino right now. With your free account, you can even bet for free and play just for fun.


Simon is an overactive gambler and the Staff Writer here at Silver Oak. He loves casino bonuses, online slots, and using the em dash too often. Currently, he rests his typing hands in Vancouver, Canada.