Online Casino Etiquette Tips

We always hear about gambling etiquette, but it is usually applied to brick and mortar casinos. I find this disappointing because we tend to forget that when we are in online casinos we are playing with other human beings, and should also try to act politely around them.

For that reason I would like to provide our readers with a short guide to online casino etiquette and start a trend of politeness across RTG casinos.

1. Know Legislation. You should be aware if the gambling legislation in your territory, you do not want to end up losing more than money while playing online.

2. Use the “sit out” Button. You should take an appropriate time when thinking about your next move, however, if you have something to do away from the computer set your status to “sitting out” so that others can continue to play comfortably.

3. Be Polite. It does not matter if you are an aggresive, intimidating player or if you got fired from your job today, an online casino player should always be polite towards others in the game.

4. Avoid Flaming. If you just lost a big amount of money and you feel that you are about to start shooting some fireworks, walk away from the computer for a minute and breathe. (remember to click “sitting out”.

5. Expect to Lose. If you expect to lose there is no way that you will let frustration reign over you and if you win you will feel even happier as it was unexpected. Even though this may sound discouraging, it is a good tip for not taking online gambling too seriously and take it in a healthier manner.

We hope that you can start following some of these tips if you are not already. Please also post comments about things that make you uncomfortable about other players while playing at online casinos. Like that, more players will hear about it and hopefully try to change their behaviour. Good luck at the tables/slots!

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