Playing Free Slot Games for Fun, is Fun

Hey you there. Yeah, you. I see you over there. You’re not a gambler—and that’s fine by us—but you are  someone who finds slot machines fun. All your friends say, “What? You like slot machines, but you don’t  want to gamble? That is crazy.”

We understand. It’s not crazy.

Silver Oak recognizes that not everyone is looking to actively gamble; some people are just looking for a high quality slots experience and that’s it. It might be hard for us die-hard gamers to conceive of, but there are many people out there of this persuasion who are such gambling purists that they don’t even… actually gamble.

Look, the point is this: maybe it’s just just something to do while the kids are out, or during those lazy days of retirement, or maybe at night on the iPad while you watch your favorite shows—it doesn’t matter what the reasons, some people just want to play some free slot games for fun.

Here at Silver Oak we want to enable your passion for bells and whistles as much as possible, even if it doesn’t mean that you’ll be making a deposit, we still want to see you playing at our casino. We’ve prepared this blog on how to find the best free slot games for fun because we cater to every type of gamer out there, not just the high rollers.

So, let’s get started.

Find the Best Free Slot Games for Fun

Finding the best free slot games to play purely for fun really boils down to two considerations, namely the following:

  • The general format
  • The bonus round format

The General Format

Whether playing slots for money or for cash, the most important consideration is picking a slots game with the number of reels and general format that you prefer. Some players ache for the simplicity of the traditional symbol, 3-wheel slot machine. Some players long for the most modern systems that have HD movie clips and vibrating seats built into their play.

The Bonus Round Format

Assuming you even like bonus rounds, and this is applicable, then you want to make sure you select a game that has the general format that you like, but also the type of a bonus round that you like. The bonus round only comes around every once and a while (usually). It is not the primary focus of your entertainment, when it does hit, you do not want to be disappointed by some sort of lackluster display that does nothing for you emotionally. When the bonus round hits you should be on the edge of your seat with excitement, trying not to urinate in your pants from the full-body rush of energy coursing through every fibre of your being. It should feel like you are watching a supernova, or like you are Wolverine in that final scene from the Fountain. That’s right, I just compared a slots bonus round to cosmic illumination.

For more on this, check out a recent blog post from Silver Oak where we look at the specifics behind picking the type of slots bonus round that best suits you. We break down every type of slots bonus round into constituent parts and build it all back up for your viewing pleasure. Check it out.

Then, head on over to our free webplay page to start playing slots instantly.

Movie Clip: The Last Castle

These guys take the bonus round to a whole new level.