Thinking of playing Roulette? The wheel and felt is a great place to have a conversation with newfound friends, especially with such a communal atmosphere. But not everyone wants to talk about sports, politics, or the casino you happen to playing at (even if you happen to be at the top tier of the casino’s loyalty program and want to brag about it). Some people like to talk specifically about the game they’re enjoying.

But do you know everything you need to know about Roulette? Sure, you know which bets have the best odds. You understand Roulette betting strategies and the best way to apply them. But do you know how it all began? We’ve got you covered with an in-depth but easy to digest Roulette history lesson.

A scientist tries to break the laws of physics

Roulette might look like a game built solely around luck, but in reality, it’s all about odds, statistics, and house edges. So when you hear how Roulette got its start, it should all make sense—despite the fact that it might seem a little peculiar.

You see, a casino pioneer wasn’t trying to invent a new game. In fact, the father of the Roulette wheel wasn’t even involved in gambling. Instead, he was trying to beat physics, so to speak. Back in 1655, physicist Blaise Pascal tried to invent a perpetual motion machine. In a nutshell, that’s a machine that keeps going and going without extracting any sort of energy from an outside source.

According to basic physics, that’s just not possible. But we gotta thank Pascal for trying because without him, we wouldn’t have Roulette. While his experiment failed, he was successful at creating a legendary casino game that lives on today.

Roulette becomes a game for royalty

By the late 1700s, Pascal’s famed perpetual motion machine was moving money among the Parisian elite. The game of Roulette quickly became popular among French royalty, incorporating many of the components we see today in regular Roulette.

Monaco changes everything

Up until this point, the Roulette wheel featured a single zero. This was OK, but something big was about to revolutionize the game as we know it. Facing financial difficulty, King Charles III of Monaco built a casino and introduce a double-zero Roulette wheel. The additional zero gave the house a bigger edge and ended up generating huge sums of money for Monaco.

Making Monaco’s good fortune even more lucrative was the fact that France was just getting down to outlawing gambling completely, making the tiny state a haven for people who loved to gamble.

Roulette in 2016

Today, Roulette remains one of the most popular casino games on the planet. Step onto the casino floor of any Las Vegas casino and one of the loudest sections of the casino tends to be exactly where you’ll find all that noise coming from. Accommodating dozens of people at a single table alone simultaneously, when people win big together, they celebrate big time together.

Roulette online has evolved big time too. There are a number of different variations you can play, and you’re not limited to your specific location. For example, in Las Vegas, chances are you’ll only find American Roulette at a land-based casino. And if you’re in London, you’re limited to the European flavor of the popular casino game. But online? You’ve got choice.

At casinos like Silver Oak Casino, you can play your favorite Roulette games under one roof, no matter where in the world you’re located (in keeping with our license agreement and the rules and regulations of your specific home country, of course). That means if you’re in the mood for European Roulette and you happen to be in the United States, no worries. You can play the single-zero version of everyone’s favorite game. Alternatively, to switch things up, you can move back to American Roulette in a simple click or tap. It’s that simple.

The convergence of live Roulette and online casinos

Years ago, many people assumed that online casinos would cannibalize the live casino business. But as studies around the world continue to prove, online casinos tend to fuel an appetite for land-based casinos. Many people who play online for the first time haven’t even played in a land-based casino before. By discovering how fun things are on their own time, they get excited about real life play.

That type of line blur has created an appetite for live experiences in the online world. While classic online Roulette remains popular, many online casinos (including Silver Oak Casino) offer the live dealer version of Roulette.

In live Roulette, instead of playing against a random number generator, you play against an actual Croupier who spins an actual wheel. Everything is transmitted to your PC through the magic of a webcam. Don’t worry. It’s only one-way. They can’t see you, so feel free to continue to play in your jammies.

For fans who want to mix live action with more traditional play, Multiplayer Roulette fits the bill. The game uses the virtual felt you’re familiar with in regular online Roulette, but allows multiple players to place bets at the same table at the same time, making it feel more like authentic Roulette.

Play Roulette for free right now

Silver Oak Casino has all the online Roulette you can handle, including live dealer Roulette, the traditional version, Multi-player, American, European, and every other flavor you can think of. To play, just create your free Silver Oak Casino account using a few pieces of personal information (nothing out of the ordinary like your blood type, don’t worry). In a matter of minutes, you’ll be set up with an account that gets you access to all the Roulette you can handle.

If you’re looking for Roulette betting systems to help you take your game to the next level, read our blog and news articles for great tips from experts. In no time, you’ll feel like a math genius with a level of acumen that puts Blaise Pascal to shame.


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