Sic Bo Strategy and Odds

In the last two articles in the How To Play Sic Bo series, we went over a complete Sic Bo Hand and all of the different Sic Bo bets.  Now that you know how to play and what all of the betting areas of the Sic Bo table are, let’s take a look at what the odds of those wagers are, and how you can make the most money playing Sic Bo.

Sic Bo Odds

Below is a list of all of the different Sic Bo bets available to you and the house edge associated with the bet (the house edge is the percentage advantage the casino has on the bet, so a smaller house edge is better for the player):

  • Small / Big –  2.78 %
  • 4 / 17  –  15.28 %
  • 5 / 16  –  13.89 %
  • 6 / 15  –  16.67 %
  • 7 / 14  –  9.72 %
  • 8 / 13  –  12.5 %
  • 9 / 12  –  18.98 %
  • 10 / 11  –  12.5 %
  • Triple (on any of the triple bets except for “any triple”)  –  16.27 %
  • Any Triple  –  13.89 %
  • Double  –  18.51 %
  • Two Die Combination bets  – 16.67 %
  • Individual Number  –  7.87 %

Note: The Sic Bo odds above apply to Silver Oak Casino, and will be found in most casinos in the USA.  Casinos in other parts of the world may have different odds associated with the various bets.

Sic Bo Strategy

Sic Bo strategies are much like roulette strategies… there isn’t much you can do to change the odds of the game, but there are things you can do to make it more fun and profitable (especially over the short term).

Conservative Sic Bo Strategy

The most conservative strategy you can take when at the Sic Bo table is simply just to make the highest odds bets possible.  In this case, the best bets for your money are the Small and Big bets.  These can be fun for a while, because it is practically a coin flip.

Playing either of these bets is a great way to get consistent action with great odds.  However, if you want to add a little spice to your game, try this next strategy.

Classic Martingale Sic Bo Strategy

You may have heard of this strategy being used in roulette or sports betting in the past, but it works just as well in Sic Bo.  The idea goes a little something like this…

  1. Make a bet of $5 on either Big or Small.
  2. If it wins, great, make another bet of $5 on the same thing.
  3. If the first bet loses, place double the amount you lost on the same thing. EG you lost a $5 bet on Big, now make a $10 bet on Big.
  4. If you win the bigger bet, start again with $5.
  5. If you lose again, Repeat step 3 until you win.

The point is, if you lose a bet, double down on the next bet.  Most of the time, you will either win a small bet early, or a huge one later on.

The problem with this strategy is you need a huge bank roll to be sure that you will win consistently.  And sometimes the Sic Bo dice will go on a long streak against you, which would make you quickly reach the maximum table bet.

Sic Bo Final Thoughts

Your Sic Bo toolbox is now officially full! You now know how to play and how to win this popular casino game.  Are you itching to give your Sic Bo skills a test?  Click the Play Now button below to download a free Sic Bo game, along with over 130 other online casino games!

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