Strategy at Slots Tournaments – Part II

Yesterday I talked about what players should do when they play a slots tournament. We discussed once play slot tournaments and the basic strategy that players should go for. This is dependent on the type of player you are and your risk tolerance because the prize pool is split between a group of players so you do not necessarily need to be on the top position.

Today we want to talk about rebuy slots tournament and the type of choices players face in this format of play. The decision making in these tournaments is more complicated than in once play tournaments. This is because players have to factor in a number of rebuys and this can result in their investment being more than the smaller prizes offered at the casino.

In this type of tournaments it makes no sense to go for the smaller targets because you could end up losing money and nobody likes that. I think that the best suggestion for this could be that players fix their investment on a proposed number of rebuys and set a target that will enable them to win a larger amount of money than that which they are putting in.

A final reminder for all of you is that the leader board is constantly changing and the highest scores will probably keep increasing as the tournament unfolds. A good way to deal with that is to set a target that is higher than the highest score to make up for the rapidly increasing high scores. The scores usually increase a lot during the first minutes of the tournament and the rate of increase declines towards the end, therefore it might also be agood idea to wait a couple of days watching the leader board so that you can go in when the increases in scores have slowed down.