The 7 Myths of Winning at Online Slots

There are many myths about winning at online slots, and many gamblers take to these theories like a fish to water because gamblers are so superstitious. Are you the superstitious type? Careful, cowboy. These myths can be particularly hurtful to your pocketbook when they influence you into thinking you have a better chance of winning than you actually do. The thing about gambling myths is this: sometimes they are so ingrained into the culture, and hence our subconscious, we don’t even recognize them (consciously) for the misnomers that they are.

So to aid you in your quest to a pile of riches, we’re going to walk through the seven worst myths about winning at slots. By the end of this blog you will be a better player, and more equipped to use the most crucial tool available to any gaming enthusiast: logic.


Slot Myth #1 – “I’m due for a win.”

After sitting on one slot machine for a while, it is normal to feel deserving. You’ve paid your dues, and now its time to be rewarded. Unfortunately, the random number generator (RNG) of online slots doesn’t pick favorites based on undying faithfulness, that’s best reserved for being a Game of Thrones fan.

Slot Myth #2 – “Land-based slot machines offer a better payoff.”

There is a general assumption is that online slots are less likely to payout because the internet is the “Wild West” and there are no checks and balances for this type of thing. This is largely incorrect, with the internet becoming more and more regulated every day. You could even argue that online slots tend to be more “loosey” coded because they have a lower overhead to maintain compared to their brick and mortar cousins. The fact is, most slots pay out around the same percentage (by law.)

Slot Myth #3 – “I can tell this machine is ready to hit.”

You may think you can sense when a machine is getting warm. However, there is no way to know when a machine is nearing a jackpot. Based on RNG, every spin is completely independent of every other spin that’s occurred before it. It’s like you’re sitting down for the first time, every time. It might not seem like it, but it’a true.

Slot Myth #4 – “Your odds of winning are based on the number of symbols on each wheel.”

Some people claim you can calculate your odds, based on the number of symbols on each wheel. The truth is, the odds of winning are programmed into the software. There is no secret formula, and if there was, it certainly wouldn’t be so exceedingly simple.

Slot Myth #5 – “That website pays better in the mornings.”

Slots maintain the same odds of winning at all hours of the day. A certified online casino cannot track your moves, and influence your winnings based on the time of day, or anything else, for that matter. They can see how much money you have spent, though. So if you aren’t getting those morning payouts you might at least get a comp.

Slot Myth #6 – “The busier the website, the more likely you are to win.”

Players sometimes prefer busy online casinos, because they think it will increase their odds of hitting a jackpot. Unfortunately, your odds are the same no matter how many people are playing.

Slot Myth #7 – “That progressive jackpot is ready to burst.”

There is a popular myth that progressive jackpots are more likely to hit when the jackpot is particularly large. There is no truth to this. I mean, think about it: the progressive jackpots are always large. In fact, progressives sometimes have some of the worst payback percentages of all the slot machines because casinos know that the progressive jackpot will still lure people into betting.

The only way to maximize your wins, is to minimize your loses by using intelligent strategies, rather than superstitious myth.