Three Card Poker Strategy

Earlier this week I brought you articles on Three Card Poker, a popular game that can be found in nearly any land based or online casino.

So far, we have covered how to play Three Card Poker, and all of the Three Card Poker rules you need to know.  Now, it’s time for the info that can win you the big bucks- perfect Three Card Poker Strategy!

Three Card Poker Strategy

It’s hard to believe, but the perfect strategy for this game may be the easiest to learn of any casino game on earth.  You ready?  Here goes:

If you have a Queen, 6, 4 or higher, then raise.  If you have anything lower, fold.

Really, that’s it!

Three Card Poker Hands

A lot of people ask about hands that are similar, wanting to know if it is considered higher or lower than Q, 6, 4.  For example, if you have a Queen, 7, 3, is this higher or lower than a Queen, 6, 4?

The answer is YES, Queen, 7, 3 IS HIGHER than a hand of Queen, 6, 4 according to the rules of poker.

The rule basically goes like this: To tell if one hand is higher than another, you first compare the highest card of each hand.  Whichever hand has the highest card, wins.  If the highest card in both hands are the same, the second highest cards are compared.  Whichever is highest has the higher hand.  And this process continues for all cards in the hand.

That being said, because a 7 is higher than a 6, the hand Q, 7, 3 beats Q, 6, 4.

Why Queen, 6, 4 In Three Card Poker?

So why is this combination of cards (Queen, 6, 4) the cutoff point between raising and folding?

It comes down to the statistics, or the expected loss of folding vs raising.  In this case, if you raise with a Queen, 6, 3, you can expect to lose 1.00255 betting units (.00255 more units than if you just folded and lost your ante of 1 betting unit).  However, if you raise with a Queen, 6, 4, you only expect to lose .993378 betting units, which is LESS than if you fold and lose your 1 betting unit ante.

Three Card Poker Final Thoughts

That completes the full guide to Three Card Poker!  Now you know how to play, the rules to win, and the perfect strategy that will win you the big bucks!

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