Yesterday I talked about odds, what they mean and the role they play in online casino gambling and then I moved on to discuss how they come into place in one of our favorite casino games: video poker. I also stated that, for strategy means, any online casino player should stick to games that offer them higher chances of winning.

In video poker it is important to keep an eye on the odds but it is also important to focus on the game rules as there are several variations of video poker games that offer different rules for the bonuses and jackpots and tell you the hands you need in order to win.

If you are playing Jacks or Better video poker then the average return you can expect is 99.52 percent, however the best video poker odds are on full pay Deuces Wild video poker but this are a little bit harder to find because they offer a return of 100.71 percent with simple strategy and if you have perfect strategy your returns are increased to 100.77 percent.

With that being said, today we are going to look into specific odds in video poker and how to increase your chances of winning. In video poker you need to focus on the hands that you can actually get. For example, you would normally have a ratio of 42 percent on pairs. However, this is on any pair, not the specific pair that you need to win but this means that you still have the odds on your side when trying to get the cards you need.

Some strategy to keep in mind while playing video poker is that when you have a pair of two’s for example, you should keep that pair and try to go for a three of a kind or other type of hand. Even though the chances of winning with a non-winning pair are very low, this is better than just throwing away the entire hand, in my opinion.


I will try to talk about more specific video poker strategy in the next couple of weeks so that you can get the highest returns on your gaming.