How to Spot Rogue Online Casinos

While you’re almost certainly safe putting a few dollars on the line at any casino in Las Vegas, the world of online gambling can be a mysterious place for the uninitiated. Sure, there are hundreds of online casinos that are fair and just to players. These casinos (including Silver Oak Casino) offer a collection of games with clear odds and consistently make payouts on time without any unnecessary hassle. Unfortunately, as with nearly everything on the internet, the online casino industry is also affected by the ill intentions of individuals on a mission to benefit from the trusting players who visit their websites.

These sham casinos are known as rogue online casinos. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from irritating customer service and questionable policies to straight up malicious scam operations. Spotting these sites can be difficult, because a rogue online casino can be expertly coded so that it appears to be legitimate. As the old saying goes, however, you should never judge a book by its cover. Just as the internet tends to bring out society’s worst traits, it also has a tendency to promote a sense of community and togetherness. This togetherness is on full display following a quick search for rogue casinos. With a little research, you’ll be able to identify some notoriously nefarious casinos, as well as those that offer fair play and payouts.

Now that we know what a rogue casino is, let’s take a closer look at a few categories that undesirable online casinos may fall into. Remember, less than ideal customer service doesn’t necessarily mean that a casino is a simple rip off joint. Instead, it could just be an indicator of an inferior attempt at capitalizing on the popularity of online gaming.

What are Rogue Casinos?

The term ‘rogue casino’ can be used to describe casinos with any number of flaws, but it is often a label reserved for the worst of the worst. These unprincipled gaming sites are often guilty of gross customer negligence bordering on criminal activity. In the past, some rogue casinos have been known to shut down operations with no prior warning, leaving players empty handed and giving the online gaming industry as a whole a bad image. If you spot a casino you’re thinking of visiting on a rogue casino list, we suggest hightailing it in the other direction before falling into a bad situation. There are plenty of online casinos with great reputations, so the idea of risking it with a known rogue casino is simply not worth considering.

Not Recommended Casinos

There are a number of reasons that a casino could land on the ‘not recommended’ list. Maybe they offer substandard customer service or poor support. Maybe players on these sites have reported serious payment delays or questionable business practices. Maybe their bonuses and promotions feature a lot of fine print that makes them practically useless to the average gamer. Whatever the reason, visiting a ‘not recommended’ casino can be a recipe for plenty of aggravation. Do yourself a favor and avoid these casinos whenever possible. If you find that one of your favorite gambling sites has earned a spot on this list, it may be worthwhile to consider a move to a more reputable online casino. We recommend signing up for Silver Oak Casino, of course!

Rogue Affiliates

Online casinos often team up to offer better deals to players across a collection of sites or platforms. In some cases, these affiliations can lead to better gaming libraries and promotions. In other cases, these partnerships can serve as a way to skim profits from players or practice otherwise unethical behavior. Be on the lookout for sites operating with stolen casino software or implementing retroactive predatory terms. These affiliate programs are bad news for players looking for a relaxing gaming experience.

Negligent Casinos

Not every casino screw up is a result of bad intentions. In some cases, the problems present with an online casino can be a result of negligence that puts your personal data at risk. If a casino finds itself in this category, players may be exposed to dangerous malware or other malfunctions that interfere with the fluidity of their gaming experience. In the worst cases, sensitive information can end up in the wrong hands, and that’s never a good thing.

Fake Watchdog Sites

As with most things on the web, finding a valid consensus on casino sites can be a difficult task. The presence of native advertising in the form of fake watchdog sites has flooded the casino review market and made truly unbiased reviews difficult to come by. When attempting to determine if a site is home to a rogue casino, be on the lookout for active, regularly monitored sites and forums that feature a healthy community of individuals that participate in the online casino industry. With a little effort, you’ll have a good chance to skip over the fake watchdog sites and get to the bottom of the online casino market.

Whether offering fake games with unfair payouts or delaying cash out attempts without notification, rogue casinos offer players a glimpse of the worst that the online casino industry has to offer. As with any online activity that requires some degree of personal information, it’s important that players do their research before engaging in gaming activities on the web. For an easier process, simply keep your browser at Silver Oak Casino. Our games are powered by the trusted developers at Realtime Gaming, and our deposit and withdrawal procedures are clearly defined so there’ll be no surprises or shady dealings.

Rogue casinos are a black eye on the online casino industry, but they can’t operate with impunity if players educate themselves on the reputation of casinos before becoming a member. Take a spin with the casino for free before making a deposit to get a better feel for the software, and enjoy the experience. When done correctly, online casinos offer an unprecedented chance to soak in all of the thrills of the classic casino experience without leaving your home.