10 Things Your Kids Will Never Know (infographic)

The times they are a changin’ and they’re a changin’ fast. The world we grew up in has been obliterated, the only glimpses left coming from period pieces such as the greatest movie ever made: The Sandlot.

Editor’s note: I might have exaggerated slightly with the critical acclamations of The Sandlot.

Here’s a list of 10 things which kids born after 2000 will never know. It’s sort of crazy to think that so many of the things which made up part of everyday life for us growing up are completely obsolete and removed from society.

I think the worst part about all of this is no longer being able to use Beta vs. VHS as an analogy. HD DVD vs. Bluray just doesn’t have the same punch to it, that and the majority of the world apparently has no idea HD DVD’s ever existed.

The list: