This year’s UEFA Euro 2012, which begins Friday June 8th, will be co-hosted by Poland and the Ukraine. Both countries will be hosting the competition for the first time. Fans will visit from all corners of the globe as these two nations will be center stage until a champion is crowned in early July. While each team will have their loyal supporters in attendance, none will be more supported than the home teams.

Is there an advantage to playing in front of a raucous and patriotic crowd? Historically the numbers have shown that host countries who host the European Championship have not performed as well as those who host the World Cup. This is especially surprising given that the World Cup has always had more teams competing.

Also of note, teams who have hosted either event tend to perform better in the subsequent tournament 2 years later. If you’re in a gambling mood from reading these stats, check out this page.

The following infographic looks at how host teams have done since the first UEFA European Championship held in France in 1960.

hosting UEFA European Finals and the World Cup

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