“The Social Network” – Our Thoughts on the Facebook Movie

Aside from playing all your favorite casino games online, you’re probably like us and also are totally addicted to Facebook. It seems like today, everyone is using Facebook to connect to friends, stay on top of their favorite brands and of course, playing fun games. When the word came out that a Facebook movie starring the likes of Justin Timberlake that tackled the question “Who really created Facebook”, everyone was just a teensy bit curious.

That curiosity translated into $64 million since its release on October 1st (around 3 weeks ago). One of the biggest issues surrounding the conversations about the movie is whether or not the story is real and what parts are fiction, what parts are fiction based on fact and what parts actually transpired?

Generally this type of drama is saved for cyber-geeks but this story is actually really the perfect story for a blockbuster drama – you’ve got the uber- loser turned billionaire, tons of people who hate him, friends fighting over money and everything revolving around an institution that a great chunk of the planet literally uses every single day of their current lives.

Sources say that Zuckerberg himself (the founder of Facebook) won’t even watch the movie. The movie is apparently based on a book called The Accidental Billionaires. The (pretty juicy) story goes like this: Zuckerberg pisses of a fellow Harvard student named Eduardo Saverin – apparently cheating him out of some prized Facebook stock ($$$). Saverin is pissed off and out for revenge so he sells his story to author Ben Mezrich with the intent of putting a serious kink in Zuckerberg’s growing reputation. So, if you’ve been following this chain of events, you’ll see that Saverin gets money, Mezrich gets money, Justin Timberlake gets money and even though Zuckerberg refuses to see the movie – he’s getting billions of dollars worth of exposure. Not a bad deal this whole movie thing is, right?

Our bets are on the fact that even though people love a good story, this won’t affect the way we use Facebook. And, while this movie does tell an interesting story – we’re pretty sure it’s not going to become a cult classic.
Sorry, Facebook. Or actually – we’re not sorry (?)

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