It will never change the world, cure cancer or put a man on mars, but pinball truly is one of the coolest inventions we have on the planet.

If you take the time to look at a modern pinball machine, and begin to comprehend the intricacy and elegance of the design, you’ll come to the same conclusion as thousands before you:

Pinball is beautiful.

Unlike video games where the action is scripted and controlled by computer logic, a pinball machine is tactile, real. You can actually touch the game, if you remove the glass you can play the game, and if you wanted pick up the ball at any time.

The earliest pinball machines were cool and are still a lot of fun, but when computer technology progressed dramatically in the late 80’s, pinball machines started to become ridiculously complex machines allowing for complex rule sets, designs and creative additions to the playfield.

There is something so very beautiful about an elegant and complex system used with a simple concept anyone can understand almost instantly: all you really have to do is stop the ball from rolling down past the flipper.

Below is an infographic with just about everything you need to know to become interested in pinball. The game has come on hard times, but is in the early stages of resurgence. Take a look at the infographic below and share it with anyone you believe will dig it.

Get into the world of pinball before the hipsters claim it was cool until everyone started liking it again. Enjoy, and please share.

P.S. The videos in the graphic take a second to load. Just click and wait, then click again to re-play.

NOTE: The infographic below is a combination of images, text and video.

This infographic includes:

  • The top 10 pinball machines
  • How to play pinball
  • Video examples of pinball moves
  • The history of pinball



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