What is it about gambling movies that we find so attractive? Deep down we want to see ourselves as that attractive, wealthy, debonair, impeccably-dressed gambler who confidently saunters into the casino with two gorgeous women (or men for that matter) on his arm. After a few successful wins with admiring crowds gathered about him, he buys a round of drinks for his appreciative audience, and then laughs as he drives away in his shiny black sports car to attend his next lavish event.

Gambling is exciting, giving a rush and a high when you place your bet and anticipate the win. Movies about gambling abound, giving us our “hero” fix and daydreams of what our lives could be. For the gambler who loves blackjack, the selection of flicks is not extensive, but includes many classic blackjack movies.

Types of Blackjack Movies

There are two basic blackjack movie genres. The first variety is the educational and instructional blackjack film. These videos will enable you to learn the rules of the game, the different variations of blackjack, and strategies to help you be as successful as you can be with the cards you are dealt. The second type is the blackjack movie for entertainment. Here we have a few classic movies that are well worth watching. Listed below are the greatest blackjack movies ever produced to date.

Best Instructional Blackjack Movies

  • Essential Blackjack: A Guide for Players and Dealers – This 2006 instructional guide teaches the rules and strategies of blackjack. After watching this excellent reference, you will have the confidence to play against others.
  • 60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack – A 2005 short but comprehensive instructional program takes the novice blackjack player through the basic rules and strategies of the game.
  • Blackjack, Slots, and Craps Winning Strategies – This 2005 video instructs the student on the winning stratagems in the three games of Blackjack, Slots, and Craps. Frank Scoblete, who is the author of a number of gaming guides, has tested and approved all the information in this film.
  • Play to Win Collection Set: Blackjack, Craps, Slot – A 1999 instructional video on the techniques for winning at blackjack, craps and slots.


Best Blackjack Movies for Entertainment

  • 21  – This excellent 2008 drama is inspired by the true story of six MIT students who were taught and led by an unconventional and brilliant statistics professor how to become specialists in card counting. This movie is based on the Ben Mezrich book Bringing Down the House.
  • Croupier – This well-received 1998 crime drama is about a young writer who decides to become a blackjack dealer to pay off his debt. He is seduced by one of his female customers who has a hidden agenda to rob the casino.  
  • Rain Man – A 1988 Oscar-winning drama that highlights one autistic man’s uncanny ability to remember every card that has been played. This film includes the best blackjack motion picture scene perhaps ever produced. This movie will not disappoint.
  • The Hangover – This 2009 crude comedy has three young men taking their friend on his bachelor party to Las Vegas. One of the group decides to try card counting after reading Beat the Dealer by Edward Thorp.
  • Jinxed – A 1982 dark comedy about a young and handsome blackjack dealer, Willie, who is followed about the western U.S. by a washed-up professional gambler, Harold, who believes he cannot lose with Willie. His lounge singer girlfriend, Bonita, falls for Willie, and together they plot to knock off the boyfriend. Bette Midler plays Bonita. This picture is not an award-winning film but has some funny moments.